Holofex Instructions


Upload, Play & Control

Holofex devices are controlled by a convenient and easy to use app. This allows for full control of the device through WIFI direct. Upload any hologram to the app to immediatly transfer and transcode the data wirlessly to the device.
Does the device connect to my wifi?

Holofex devices use state of the art wifi direct technology. This means it doesn't connect directly to your wifi but rather sends out its own wifi connection to your phone. This awesome feature allows you to control your device anywhere and internet is not required.

A holofex device will display any image that you upload. However it is reccomended that the image is 3d and has a black background. Holofex has an abundance of holograms found in the holostore and we have designers that can create something for you.

Every Holofex holographic fan device comes with preloaded holograms. Simply plug the device in and you will see its amazing effect. Our app comes with a library of prebuilt holograms for you to upload to the device if you wish.

These instructions are made for the Holofex devices and thus a limited to our products. However, many suppliers use a holofex device and thus if it looks like a holofex and acts like a holofex it probably is one. Our holostore holograms can be used on any holographic display.

The HoloApp available on IOS & Android


Download the HoloApp on Apple Store to unlock the full potential of your Holofex experience. Your gateway to breathtaking 3D visuals awaits!
Download for Iphone


Download Android app by clicking logo or enter here. NOTE: This is an android APK and you must allow your android device to download from unknown sources.
Download for Android