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Holographic tech

What is a Holo fan?

What is a Holo fan? - Holofex

Welcome to our detailed blog post on hologram fans! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating technology behind hologram fans and how they create captivating images that seem to float in mid-air. Let’s dive right in!

What Is a Holo Fan?

A holo fan or hologram fan, also known as a holographic fan or hologram projector, is a cutting-edge device that creates the illusion of a three-dimensional image or video suspended in the air. How does it achieve this mesmerizing effect? Let’s break it down:

  1. LED Lights: The core components of a hologram fan include strategically placed LED lights on its blades. These LEDs emit light at precise intervals during the fan’s rapid rotation.

  2. Persistence of Vision: Our eyes have a limited ability to retain an image for a fraction of a second. By flashing the LEDs at specific times during each rotation, the fan tricks our eyes into perceiving a continuous image. This image combines with the surrounding environment, resulting in a holographic projection that appears to float in mid-air.

How Does a Holo Fan Work?

The hologram fan employs a technique called persistence of vision. Here’s how it works step by step:

  1. LED Arrangement: The fan’s blades feature multiple LED lights arranged in a circular pattern. These LEDs emit light at different angles.

  2. High-Speed Rotation: When the fan spins at high speed, the LEDs flash in precise synchronization with the rotation. This creates the persistence of vision effect, where our eyes perceive a coherent image.

  3. Specially Formatted Content: To display images or videos, hologram fans require specially formatted content. These files are typically created using computer software or specialized apps that convert regular images or videos into a format compatible with the fan’s display technology.

  4. Content Playback: Once the content is prepared, it is transferred to the hologram fan’s internal memory or loaded from an external storage device. The fan then plays the content in a loop, ensuring seamless holographic displays.

for more information read here 

Core Components of a 3D Hologram Fan

  1. LED Lights: At a minimum, a hologram fan typically consists of 256 individual LED lights evenly distributed around the fan’s blades. Each LED can be controlled independently, allowing for precise control over displayed images or animations.

  2. Captivating Visuals: Hologram fans project mesmerizing three-dimensional visuals, transcending the confines of screens. Imagine your brand’s logo taking center stage, products showcased in dynamic motion, and messages that appear to float before your eyes—an immersive spectacle that leaves a lasting impression.

For more information and to explore holographic technology in the gaming space read here.  Discover the magic of hologram fans and unlock creative possibilities! 

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