Instructions For Mac Users

Unfortunately Holofex currently is in the process of building our software package for the Mac operating system. We recommend if you have access to a PC  follow the below instructions. Note that once your holograms are uploaded  the holograms will automatically work without the software. If you do not have access to a PC we recommend following this link to run PC software on your Mac:

5 Ways to Run Windows Software on a Mac (

If you do not wish to follow these steps and have no access to a PC then we recommend uploading the holograms manually. 


Rotate the fan manually through the allocated hole until the SD-Card is aligned directly with hole.



Use an SD-CARD USB reader into Mac to read the SD-cards contents 



Upload any required Hologram files directly where the other hologram files are. Note this requires the files to be converted into a .Bin format we can provide this with any Hologram Purchased at the HoloStore or alternatively Contact us and we will gladly convert them for you.




This explains how to upload files to your new HoloFex device.

Software is required to upload and modify Holograms 

Software can be found here for PC users:

Install Software package Click Here

To Connect to Holofex 3D device

Step 1

 Power up the product and wait for 1 minute
 Search Player’s Wifi Name: 3D-i3.xxxxxx or 3DS.XXXXXX in


Step 2

Load Holofex Software if connected the WIFI symbol should be open if not reconnect. 

choose the right model note HOLOX our most common device is the HD280

Step 2

Select File that you wish to encode to the hologram format these files are in MP4 format or standard video. Alternatively these videos can be purchased through our HoloStore.

Step 3

Once you have selected the file to be encoded select the Encode button in the navigation. This will transfer the file from a MP4 into a readable format for your device. Give this a name "nike shoe" for example this will be the name of your hologram.

Step 4

After encoding file a brief demo will appear with a SET RANGE box this is to ensure the hologram is within the parameters of the device. This can be adjusted if required.

Step 5

Once the range is set & if your hologram is to your liking select File Upload this will upload the file to the fan.

Step 6

Your hologram will now wirelessly upload to your device this may take a few minutes but your HoloFex device will change to a receiving mode and be flashing.

All done. Your new hologram along with the holograms previously uploaded will display in the playlist section.


The Other Controls