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HOLOX + HoloStand

Pair any of our devices with a HoloStand to enable your device anywhere. Amazing effect when mounting is not possible.

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Large Holo65 Mounted

When mounting is possible do the impossible and have a device that shows an unbelievable effect.

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Impress with 2 Holo56 + HoloStandHD

When size matters and one simply isn't enough. Pair your Holo56 with another device to show a lifelike Hologram.


Holofex for Retailers & Events

Increase customer engagement and stand out from the rest. Visit our Retailers page to discover how you can capitalize with Holofex.

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@holofex Check out our range of 3D Holographic displays and see for yourself why everyone is going crazy over them. #GamingSetup #3dhologramfan #fyp #3ddisplay #hologram #futuretech ♬ original sound - Holofex
@holofex Did you know that 3D hologram fans were initially inspired by a science fiction classic? The concept of holographic displays, like the ones used in 3D hologram fans, was first introduced to the world in the iconic Star Wars franchise. The famous 'holographic chess' scene in 'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope' featured a futuristic holographic display known as Dejarik. This fictional technology sparked the imaginations of inventors and engineers, eventually leading to the development of real-world 3D hologram fans that bring holographic magic into our lives today. visit to find out more #starwars #futuretech #3ddisplay #hologram #gamesroomsetup ♬ original sound - Holofex
@holofex 🎮🔥 Check out this amazing HoloX hologram device from Holofex! Turn any photo, design, logo, or video into a hologram with the AZ2 processor chip and LED lights! 🌟📱 #holox #holofex #hologramdevice #retrogaming #gamingsetup #mobileapp #hologramtechnology ♬ Donuts While Shopping - Genuine Colour &

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Watch an amazing review of our base product the HoloX be Retro Gamer Guy. Who had a chance to play with our tabletop design.

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