How it works

How the HoloFex holographic Display works

HoloFex holographic systems combined revolutionary design and image manipulation to produce a visually appealing hologram-like image. It compiles of perpetual motion through a fan system connected to a motor that spins the blades at 750 revolutions per minute. Each blade arm consist of a large amount of RGB Led lights and a modular that produces an image. As these blades spin the lights and motion, display an image based on the human eye-persistence principal that creates its amazing effect.




Holographic effect

The blades spinning at this level becomes virtually invisible and the image displayed achieves the holographic effect.  This image because of the seemingly invisible blades is perceived as 3dimensional and fully floating. Depending on the motion, the speed of the blades and quantity of lights achieves different results.



Why The HoloFex is different?

Future holographic technology is an ever changing landscape whilst there are many vastly expensive options in the holographic landscape HoloFex aims at producing a holographic consumer device that combines quality and affordability to the market. Our systems come with 2 key features that encapsulates the biggest disadvantages with this consumer technology that ensures a better experience to the consumer.

  1. Safety

Holographic fans spin between 300 - 750 revolutions per minute depending on the quality of the technology. In this case the faster the blades can relatively spin the faster your frame rates will become in regards to exciting animations and displays. Because of this fast moving object there can be a relative danger in tradition holographic technologies we have solved this problem unilaterally. Our fans blades are in fact in cased inside a perplexed display allowing the blades to spin without any injury or harm to the user.


    2. Stand and Display

Many hologram devices require specialized installation or mounting capabilities strongly limiting its use and application. Our products are equipped with a freestanding device making them easy to install and place in any surrounding.

Traditional Hologram Fans


                                 Holofex Design with protective cover
        • 1080p
        • Wi-fi
        • Protective Cover
        • Free Stand
        • Mountable
        • 364 Leds





Other Key differences with a HoloFex

Quality of output

Holofex constantly aims to improve its quality of holograms afterall that’s the entire objective for these product. Whilst most displays run at very little resolutions HoloFex displays 1080p HD resolution meaning your images can be perceived with greater clarity. We also have 364led lights inside the HoloFex1080 adding to a more luminated and realistic hologram


Software & Holograms

Whilst having one of our unique devices comes with complimentary holograms we understand that it is important to have customizable options and an easy to use interface. Holofex provides a complete solution to ensure al your hologram needs are met.

HoloFex store has a large quantity of pre-made holograms available that you can instantly purchase and download straight to your device. This opens up your choices to a vast range of holograms at your fingertips however if you require your own image whatever that maybe to be Holofexed we have a custom image option where our dedicated team can design and produce your exact needs.

Localized support and systems

Unlike our competitors we operate in your area and Holofex supports, delivers and sells to our consumers directly. Meaning your products are our products and Holofex is your solution to Holograms.