1. How Does the Hologram Function?

The holographic technology employed by Holofex leverages "Persistence of Vision" (POV) display technology. This innovative approach involves a rapidly rotating display crystal that alters its display content in real-time. By capitalizing on the human eye's persistence of vision, it crafts a seamless and continuous visual experience, culminating in a compelling holographic imaging effect, complete with robust 3D display capabilities.

2. What Distinguishes Holofex from Its Competitors?

Holofex stands at the forefront of holographic solutions for both consumer and retail markets, setting a new standard with several key advantages:

  • An enhanced array of LEDs, ensuring a display that is not only brighter but also more vivid.
  • Access to the exclusive Holofex Design Store, where our dedicated team crafts bespoke holograms tailored to your specifications.
  • A streamlined Hologram Shop, facilitating swift product delivery to enhance your Holofex experience without delay.

3. What Is the Delivery Timeline?

Holofex prides itself on surpassing industry standards with expedited delivery times. We prioritize efficient logistics to ensure you can engage with your Holofex product without the extended wait times often associated with our competitors.

4. How Are Holograms Transferred to the Device?

Holofex ensures user-friendliness with comprehensive software included with all our products. This allows for direct downloading of 3D models to either the accompanying app or desktop client, facilitating seamless upload to your Holofex device.

5. Is Personalized Hologram Creation Possible?

Absolutely. Holofex empowers users to transform their own 3D images into holograms using our intuitive software. For those seeking ready-made options, our HoloStore offers a wide selection of pre-designed holograms available for immediate purchase and use.